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As the contents of this blog come from a book to be published at some point, the best way to read it is in sequence, starting from the first one (1).  

To look for a specific post you can locate it by date looking for it in the calendar (main page) by going backwards in the months and clicking on the day.

Artist Illustrator David Diaz

Artist Illustrator David Diaz

Post 1. In Essence    02/10/2014

Post 2Some Preliminary Thoughts     02/11/2014

Post 3. Introduction: Jose’s Story and mine   02/13/14

Post 4. An Interactive Exercise    02/14/2014

Post 5. The Reunion   02/15/2014

Post 6. Conflict of Expectations   02/15/14

Post 7. The Risk Factors   02/15/2014

Post 8. a.So much water under the bridge  02/18/2014.

Post 9. b. Physical and Emotional Abuse  02/18/2014. Post 9.

Post 10. c. Those left behind   02/19/2014.

Post 11. d. The Caretaker and Parent’s conflict   02/19/2014.

Post 12. e. Unwanted at home   02/21/2014.

Post 13. f. Children giving birth to children  02/25/2014.

Post 14. g. Learning to be a mother  02/26/2014.

Post 15. h. The lucky siblings  02/28/2014.

Post 16. i. The good and the bad stepparent  03/04/2014.

Post 17. j. And also the fathers.  03/09/2014.

Post 18. k. This story echoes an older one  03/12/2014.

Post 19. l. Trapped in the Middle: it is bad there and it is bad here.                                                   03/17/2014.

Post 20. m. I never wanted to come and I hate it here.    03/19/2014.

Post 21. n. Landing on a crises situation.  03/24/2014.

Post 22. And Other Reunited Families   03/27/2014

Post 23. The Trauma of War and Violence  04/07/2014

Post 24. A Conceptual Framework  

Post 25 and 26. a. Attachment Theory and Research  ( 2 Posts)  04/13/2014,                                   4/16/2014

Post 27. b. The Adolescent Brain   04/22/2014

Post 28 and 29. c. An Introduction to Understanding Trauma and its                                               Treatment. 2 posts  04/29/2014

Post 30. d. Relational-Cultural Therapy  05/06/2014

Post 31. Research on Immigrant Families Separation   05/19/2014

Post 32. How Do We Help Them? Early Identification. Part 1    05/26/2014

Post 33. How Do We Help Them? Intervention. Continuation.  Part 2                                               The Expression of All Feelings 06/02/2014

Post 34. How Do We Help Them?  Intervention. Continuation. Part 3                                               Loss of Filial Love: a natural consequence. 06/09/2014

Post 35. How Do We Help Them?  Intervention. Continuation. Part 4                                               Parents Honoring the Relationship with Caregiver. 06/19/2014

Post 36. How Do We Help Them?  Intervention. Continuation. Part 5                                               When Asking for Forgiveness is Necessary? 06/19/2014

Post 37. How Do We Help Them?  Intervention. Continuation. Part 6                                               A Family in Crises. 06/25/2014

Post 38. How Do We Help Them? Intervention. Continuation. Part 7                                               Recapturing the Lost Events. 07/02/2014

Post 39. How Do We Help Them?  Intervention. Continuation. Part 8                                             Creating Positive Experiences as a Family. 07/10/2014

Post 40  How Do We Help Them?  Intervention. Continuation. Part 9                                               The Obstacles Involving Parents in Therapy. 07/18/2014

Post 41  How Do We Help Them? Intervention. Continuation. Part 10                                               Group Counseling. 07/28/2014

Post 42  How Do We Help Them? Intervention. Continuation. Part 11                                               Managing Negative Emotions. 08/07/2014

Post 43  How Do We Help Them? Intervention. Continuation. Part 12.                                             Children on The Run (Unaccompanied minors) 08/15/2014

Post 44  How Do We Help Them? Intervention. Continuation. Part 13                                                Psychoeducational Groups. 08/21/2014

Post 45.  How Do We Help Them? Intervention.Continuation. Part 14                                              Bilingual Mental Health. 09/02/2014

Post 46.  How Do We Help Them?  Intervention. Continuation. Part 15                                             When Therapeutic Efforts Fail. 09/11/2014

Post 47.  How Do We Help Them? Intervention. Continuation. Part 16                                              The Loss and Frustration in the Helper. 10/05/2014

Post 48.  Children on the Run. Part 2. The Role of the Clinician 10/22/2014 

Post 49. Trauma in Immigrant Children. 11/07/2014

Post 50. Trauma in Young Children. The Smart Therapy Program.                                                      11/20/2014

Post 51. Trauma Symptoms at Different Ages 12/19/2014

Post 52. Hope/Esperanza and Gratitude as we begin 2015. 01/09/2015

Post 53. Prevention. A Review of the Problem. 02/13/2015

Post 54. Town Hall with President Obama on Immigration Reform.                                                  02/26/2015

Post 55. Prevention. Continuation. 03/02/2015

Post 56. Prevention. Continuation. 03/18/2015

Post 57.  Prevention. Continuation. 04/01/2015

Post 58. Prevention. Continuation. 05/05/2015

Post 59. A Sad Mother’s Day 05/12/2015

Post 60. Prevention. Psychoeducational Materials for Immigrant Families                                    05/25/2015

Post 61. Prevention. Family Activities  06/11/2015

Post 62. Prevention. Materials and Activities for the Youngsters. 07/09/2015

Post 63. Prevention. A School-Based Pilot Program. 08/04/2015

Post 64. Prevention. Fun in the Border. 08/13/2015

Post 65. Prevention. Bridges Across the Distance. 08/19/2015

Post 66. Prevention. Using the Arts.  08/31/2015

Post 67. Prevention. Parenting Classes to Immigrant Families 1. 09/11/2015

Post 68. Prevention. Parenting Classes to Immigrant Parents. 2 09/21/2015

Post 69. Prevention. Political Activism as Prevention. 10/07/2015

Post 70. Prevention. Inspiration from Programs with Different Populations.                                 10/16/2015

Post 71.Prevention. Supporting the School Teachers. 1.   12/01/2015

Post 72. Prevention. Supporting the School Teachers. 2.  12/29/2015

Post 73. In the Political Debate: the undocumented immigrant. 02/05/2016

Post 74. ¡¡Gracias Papa Francisco!!  02-26-2016

Post 75.  Deportation: the painful experience through the eyes of a child.                                    04/29/2016

Post 76. DC Schools: lessons in dealing with trauma. 06/24/2016








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