Because, as always you stand for the most vulnerable and defenseless. Those that need your compassion the most. Those that are sick, imprisoned,homeless, poor, suffering violence and running away from intolerable situations. This time, for the undocumented immigrants crossing the border between the USA and Mexico/ last gateway to Latin America. Thank you for visiting the border between Mexico and the United States,  on February 17, 2016, at the end of your tour of that beautiful country. In that very significant place, overlooking the separating fence, you prayed for the people that have died crossing, in front of a huge cross that could be seen from both sides and for the suffering of the migrants. In doing so you gave them a most wonderful gesture of compassionate support!

Papa in the border

In the USA side a group of 500 people including migrants and refugees received your blessing.  As Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz of Louisville expressed it to journalists in El Paso “because something has political dimensions it doesn’t mean it does not also have moral dimensions.”