Turning now our focus to the youngsters, who love their MP3s and cellular phones and learn so easily to use them, it would be great to explore having apps, or presentations for them to download and listen, available in the clinic of their school, or in the media center, or DVDs that could be watched in the computers at their school and could even be integrated in some project of the ESL class. Thus, using media to help them get a better understanding, as well as feel understood and validated with their struggles to adapt to the new family. These could incorporate suggestions on how to go about helping themselves when they feel isolated, angry or sad. Sensitizing them also to the common feelings the parents have with them in this situation, as they too feel afraid of rejection and are suffering also as their dreams of a perfect reunion are not materialized and, finally, suggesting ways to open bridges in communication with them and improved day to day interaction.   Media tools could also make available to them adapted relaxation and guided meditation materials in their language, which could teach them valuable skills to handle negative emotions, beyond learning them in workshops or group counseling as suggested earlier.