The reunited immigrant family trying to reestablish the lost bond is in great need of positive and relaxing recreational activities that they can do as a unit, where some guidance and structure may help them overcome any uneasy feelings.  Like it has been mentioned before, some hard working immigrant parents may not have much experience with recreation in their lives, or models about doing it just for the fun of it.  Their wholes lives and that of their families might have been one of just hard work, therefore they may need guidance and encouragement regarding the kinds of things that can be done in our cities for recreation with the kids; and that might be totally new to them and perhaps a bit scary. Field trips including parents, or special nights of family games are some possibilities that come to mind as possibly helpful in creating these kinds of positive experiences. An idea that might be helpful in motivating their participation and in them finding the time and energy in their stressful everyday lives may be one of creating new and joyful family memories for the child and themselves that will help in bringing them closer. And who knows, maybe they can try something fun and totally new….