The wonderful news is that dissemination of information is beginning to happen in different parts of the country, as for example, a pamphlet that was developed as part of a doctoral dissertation, giving service providers advice to help the mothers on what to do during the separation and during the reunification with the child. (Guerrero, 2005), and, as Dr. Falicov suggests (Falicov (2014), this same pamphlet, or a modified version could be made available directly to the mothers in clinics around the country.  It is also evident in the reports of journalists telling the stories of the unaccompanied minors. In these, social workers from the Department of Human Services are portrayed as preparing a parent for the upcoming reunification with their child, who is being sent home after being in their care, by suggesting positive activities to try with the child. One could be for example a reunification party to celebrate the event, an idea suggested again by Dr. Falicov, (Falicov, 2014), and mentioned in one such story, provided the adults involved secure first the permission from the child to avoid causing any additional stress or discomfort. This provision is my suggestion, as I could envision a child or adolescent who is still grieving the separation from his/her caretakers and/or healing from the traumatic experience of crossing the border and who might not feel quite ready for a celebration. The most important thing to do with such a child is to deeply respect and provide a space for the child to express those feelings to the adults welcoming them in a caring unpressured fashion that fosters a sense of security and acceptance. Simultaneously, the parents need support and guidance in putting aside their fears of loosing the love of this child, but rather opening their hearts with patience and willingness to rebuild the relationship slowly, as it has been emphasized and detailed earlier.

Efforts at dissemination are present also in graduate students trying to develop psychoeducational materials as part of their course work and contacting this author/blogger for information. Allelluia!