When addressing the issues of family reunification, inviting immigrant parents and their children joining the family to school for workshops in their language has proven to this author as the best tool to reach them and the beginning of the school year seems to work best. In fact, in my school, we tried to work it as the first presentation of the year after back to school night. Parents are used to coming to the school and it seems less foreign or threatening than going to a mental health center, or other less known community center. They can also be easily reached by sending home invitations through their children’s at their English as a Second Language classes. Childcare for younger siblings  was provided, if possible, during the presentation. In addition to this, at this author’s school we discussed the possibility of making available information about the consequences of prolonged family separation in the form of a video that parents and children could watch while they wait for placement tests and filling up necessary paperwork at the schools intake center. All that was needed was an engaging DVD in Spanish, presenting the problem to them and the need for seeking more information and help through workshops and other materials with pertinent contact information. As discussed before, we had already some videos of interviews presented in the Spanish TV local channel and one made by our own television studio. Developing such psycho-educational materials becomes then that important preliminary step towards prevention.