The tragic stories reported and the attention these children have moved in this country,  whether compassionate and welcoming, or rejecting and fearful, makes it paramount that this author includes a post with links to read some impressive and statistically sound information on the matter. One such report is called Children on the Run and was published by the  United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Regional Office for the United States and the Caribbean in Washington DC. This study was based on experts’ interviews of 404 of these minors to investigate the reasons for them fleeing their countries: Mexico and from Central America: El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala and recommendations for the originating countries as well as for the countries they seek refugee asylum from, not only the USA but Mexico, Costa Rica and Belize.

Children on the Run

The majority of these children are just like the  children portrayed in these posts all along, except perhaps even in a deeper state of dispair and fear, as the conditions in their countries deteriorate further.